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We are pleased to extend our company AVANZA INTERNATIONAL  which established in January 2012, we are a medical aesthetics trading company focused on developing and commercializing products that are used by physicians to enhance patient’s beauty.


We are the team work of the company AVANZA have the experience of high addition to the very good relations with all our customers in the Kuwaiti market, based on our credit of skill and experience with  dependence on the strength and quality of the products that we marketed and distributed.

 We are interesting so much to deal with unique multinational companies in brands of Mesotherapy and Dermal fillers to penetrate the Kuwait market and in our point of view through our dealing with those companies with highly professional way those products will be one from the best brands in our market through maximum (2-3) years from starting launching.


Our strategy is to become a worldwide leader in trading medical aesthetics by building on our success with our customers , enhancing the strength of our sales and marketing organizations in the world and obtaining regulatory approvals and commercializing new products that enhance the practice of medical aesthetics and to expand our portfolio in medical aesthetics.



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