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We present a mixture of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, biostimulants and firming agents with special impact on the skin cells and the fibers of the subcutaneous tissue associated to muscle relaxants with a mild but prolonged action.


Active ingredients:

is a mixture precise and perfect proportions of :

hyaluronic acid, DMAE, argireline, leuphasil , Glutathione, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, cobalt, magnesium and lithium.


Very useful in the preventative treatment of changes typical of skin ageing, particularly in the face, in such a way that its continued use helps the tissues of the face maintain freshness and elasticity, together with the firmness typical of youth and it also prevents expression lines from leaving their unattractive trace. To be used on people starting to take care of their skin after the age of 40, returning natural, youthful firmness to their skin and giving it a particular freshness. Slightly decreases expression lines, while allowing natural expressiveness on the face.


Box of 10 Vials, Each Vial 10 ML





A special firming and anti-ageing mixture, designed with trace elements and biostimulants, which improves metabolic cascades which generate proteins for the connective tissue.


Active ingredients:

DMAE, silicon organic, Acian Centella, D-panthenol, Glycosaminoglycans, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese.


This mixture is ideal for dealing with flaccidity of the skin in the large segments of the body, particularly after slimming treatments or to slow down the ageing of the body.


Box of 10 Vials, Each Vial 10 ML





We present a mixture which synergizes the nutritional effects of the trace elements in the metabolic system, with powerful recognized lipolytics.


Active ingredients:

Ideal mix of adipocitoliticos (sodiumdeoxycholate), lipolytic, (phosphatidylinositolcholine), L- Carnitine ,Co-factors (oligo-Elements).


This mixture is ideal for dealing with adipose tissues and obesity in any person. Particularly recommended for patients who have traditionally been subjected to diets poor in nutrients, hoping to lose weight.

 Although also of great use in slimming treatments and treatment to adipose tissues in people who do not wish to miss out nutritionally due to restricted diets. In addition to noticeably decreasing the volume of the adipose tissues and body fat, flaccidity becomes less evident when using this kind of mixture and patients do not notice a decrease in their capacity for physical performance and resistance to effort. Quite the contrary, it boosts their energetic synthesis.


Box of 10 Vials, Each Vial 10 ML



This is an ideal mixing ratio of metabolically active substances and trace elements with a high anti-inflammatory and restructuring lipolytic impact that favors biolipolytic activity in the tissue initially.


Active ingredients:

Acian Centella, , L-Carnitine, Caffeine, Rutin, Organic Silicon, and trace elements.


In second place, vasoactivity and tissular exchange which, by removing inflammation from the tissue and lowering the number of fatty nodules, can restructure itself firmly. Ideal for treating cellulite in any of its stages, improving the aspect and the firmness of the skin and removing pain on touching, which also helps manual treatments and treatment with appliances which are usually used on patients to achieve optimum aesthetic results.


Box of 10 Vials, Each Vial 10 ML



Glutathione is a non-essential compound that is synthesized in the body's cells, especially in the liver. It is formed of three amino acids that are not essential either (lysine, glycine and glutamic acid). Synthesis of glutathione occurs due to the effects of oxidative stress to which all cells are exposed during the vital processes.

Active ingredients: Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid, Soluble Collagen, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate.

 However, as time passes and under various circumstances, the capacity to produce glutathione is surpassed by the generation of free radicals during oxidative stress which leads to damage both to the enzymatic system, causing metabolic deficiency and aging, and to the genome, resulting in structural changes to genetic memory (mutations). These mutations lead to two common consequences, the least harmful of which is a wide range of metabolic complaints. Secondly and more seriously, they may lead to the appearance of genes that convert cells into cancerous cells.

This is that reason that chemical technology has given us a method to administer the substance to the tissues in an attempt to avoid its deterioration resulting from oxidative stress. In cosmetic medicine, it is an indisputable and, thankfully, effective application for enhancing the quality of the metabolic functions and, as a result, achieving a healthy, fresh and revitalized appearance to the tissues. It is therefore highly effective in the treatment of photo dermatitis of diskeratosis and pigmentation.


Box of 10 Vials, Each Vial 5 ML




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