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Vitamin C: stimulates collagen synthesis from fibroblasts, preventing skin aging caused by time and sun exposure. It also acts as a potent redox to combat free radicals.


Because of the high concentration of vitamin C that these bottles contain, they have some effect on the prevention of skin pigmentation.


Vitamin F:

Contains a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) not synthesized by the organism, mainly linoleic and arachidonic acid that intervene in numerous metabolic processes.

They are able to change the state of dry, red and flaky skin, because PUFAs are essential for maintaining the hydration and normal state of peeling, as a result of their contribution to restoring the natural moisturizing factor of the skin.


Organic Silicon:

Silicon is essential in the skin anti-aging and anti-sagging fight, because it intervenes as a primary stimulator in the stages of tissue regeneration.These are substances that activate and promote the development of collagen in our skin, giving it more flexibility.

ACTIONS Prevents and reduces dehydration and skin aging, diminishing fine lines and preventing the emergence of new ones. Prevention and reduction of skin blemishes. Restructuring of skin in medical peeling treatments whatever the agent used. It can be used cosmetically as a makeup base.


Active Ingredients:

Linoleic acid – vitamin f – vitamin c – Proteoglycans – Organic silicon




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