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Face-neck-low neck


One of the most characteristic features of cutaneous aging is the increase and deepening of wrinkles or depressions that form along the lines of expression on the face.


Composition: Hexa peptide (Argireline), Penta  peptide (Leuphasyl), Hyaluronic Acid.


ARGIRELINE: is a powerful hexa peptide, anti-wrinkle agent that acts similarly to Botulinum Toxin.


LEUPHASY: is a new penta peptide that has been developed to combat expression wrinkles and offers two advantages:

1 -A new and alternative mechanism to combat wrinkles

 2-An additive/synergistic effect to complement the action of Argireline

 Both peptides (ARGIRELINE and LEUPHASY) show an additive effect of up to 75% compared with the effect of ARGIRELINE alone and 120% with respect to the effect of LEUPHASY alone.


 HYALURONIC ACID: Ensures the cohesion of conjunctival cells, which is particularly important for skin. It is a natural polysaccharide and one of the mucopolysaccharide acids found in the fundamental substance between the skin cells. It provides restoration of the contours of the skin and decreases wrinkles and skin folds.



Treatment for expression wrinkles, preferably of the upper third of the face (crow's feet), forehead and eyebrows.


Box of 10 Ampules, Each Ampule 2 ML



Liposomes eye countour


With aging the skin elasticity is lost, muscles weaken, with time the flaccidity forms folds on eye lids, the orbital fat pads become prominent, becoming apparent. Microscopic blood vessels under the eyes can lose their stability and strength. The body compensates by forming new ones. there is also edema, by deficiency in lymphatic circulation, or increase in capillary permeability.


Composition: Eyeseril, Meliloto, Hyaluronic Acid.


EYESERYL: is a tetra peptide with antiedematous properties, with a proven efficacy in reducing the fat bags.

The two mechanism suggested as poor blood circulation, due to high blood pressure, and in the other hand the damage of extracellular matrix, by collagen "cross linking.

The EYESERYL has demostrated great efficacy in both mechanism :

1-EYESERYL inhibits the ACE(angiotensin I converting enzyme)preventing formation of angiotensin II which contributes to increase the blood pressure.

2-EYESERYL inhibits the glycation, a reaction that produces damage to the extracellular matrix, one the basic causes of eye bags.


MELILOTO acts over the lymphatic system, improving the microcirculation, is venotonic, vascular protector with lymphochinetic activity.


ACTIONS: Moisturizer, Antiaging, Antidark circles Orbital fat and dark circles is generally the focus of much of the aesthetic problem in periocular region, this product is the product of choice.


Box of 10 Ampules, Each Ampule 2 ML


Face-neck-low neck


Vitamin C, Tripeptide 33, Vitamin E, Biotin, Tripeptide 10 and Tripeptide 1.


ALDELINE: actively prevents aging of cutaneous tissue by its marked antioxidant effect,helping detoxication of skin from RSC (reactive carbonic species) radicals very harm,present by sun exposure.Also prevents the DNA from UVA radiations.


LIPOCROM 6: prevents the skin damage due to RNS(reactive nitrogen species)and also ROS(reactive oxigene species)Therefore protects and treats skin from the UV damage.


TRYLAGEN: due to the intrinsec aging the collagen synthesis is diminish,an alteration of the three dimensional arregment of collagen bundles,damages the cutaneous tissue with the outcome of wrinkles.TRYLAGEN not only acts over the collagen I,II,III by controling the arregment of collagen but also inhibits the enzimatic destruction of collagen.


VITAMIN C: promotes the collagen synthessis from fibroblasts,preventing the damage of the cutaneous tissue produce by intrinsic aging and sun exposure,as other extrinsec factors,smoke pollution,etc.


D-PANTENOL: derivated from pantothenic acid a natural component present in skin and hair.,it has hydration and protector properties. It is used to stimulate the epidermal development(the most external layer of skin).Acts also as an emolient.



Antiaging:diminishing wrinkles,marked antioxidant effect,improves elasticity,therefore gives firmess to skin.Prevents skin from intrinsec and extrinsec aging.


Box of 10 Ampules, Each Ampule 10 ML





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